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1–on–1 weekly
sharing session

What is Gin & Tonic?



Not a spirit tasting party?

True. None to any tasting parties you are imagining. A branding talk with drinks? Let us tell you why.

Over the last two decades, we had been to not hundreds but thousands of meetings, workshops. There's a pattern from those meetings which seems wrong to us. These sessions were the battlegrounds. People fight more to defense their intellect than to reach a solution. We, as a consulting firm, brought so little value to that kind of table. We believe in mutual trust and openness. What is better when you might work with whom you like & want to drink with?


For Gin & Tonic, we'll only host two talks per week as a routine to keep our teammates off the daily burden and constantly learn new things. All guests are welcome, but only 01 seats available each time, and we'll serve on a first-come-first-served basis.

The workshop is designed in an interactive format. And we do NOT only expect you to share, drink but to play games! Find below all the faces you'll meet. Each will serve a distinctive role. So take it easy cause you're not dealing with 05 strangers at the same time. Fun & relaxation are guaranteed.

The topics

Communication efficiency

Let's throw a flashback. Most problems we're facing every day are deeply rooted in miscommunication. No matter familiar they seem to us, like client-agency battles, boss-employee misalignment, or daily family conflicts, dealing with them is not our thing.

There comes our favorite analogy: The two ships. How does one "send" and "get" the same signal that effortless? If everyone can speak in the same "language" in all walks of life, imagine how easy life could be.

Understand your target customer

In the first episode, let's dig deep into the basis of every business conversation: talk to your customers. But before diving deep into the "know-how," let's start with the "who." If your team doesn't "speak the same language" on who you serve, it's only a waste of everyone's time and resources.

Who is this for?



SME business owners

We're also SME. No surprise, this private talk was designed for SME owners. We've trimmed down the processes & put them into an unconventional method that proved in practice to be highly useful to portrait your end customer (B2C model).

Amidst this pandemic, we hope this could give a little brightness to SMEs, to share and learn from each other mistakes. More importantly, our team strongly believes in constantly learning and sharing knowledge.

Ai đã tham dự?


Premium card maker – paper loaded with love.


Lighting, handcrafting, furniture design & manufacture.


Event agency & Indie
music show.


Manufacture & distribute Vietnam coffee related products.

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1st Minigame design platform
in Vietnam.


Film, TV Show &
Game Show production.


Digital solutions for marketing optimization.


Specialized in sleep related products.


Premium Gelato
& Yogurt


Manufacturer and Exporter for wooden furniture and flooring.


"Social e-commerce"


Craft beer brewery.

Who has joined us?

Thành viên sẽ chill & chat cùng anh chị

Jodric team

Tri Lam

Tri is Jodric founder, the man behind hundreds of our strategy & branding projects. He'll mindfully listen to your concerns and does his signature Socratic method to help forming the clearer, more


Ky Hong

Ky has spent almost two decades developing businesses. He has been through all scales of business, unique goods, and niche markets. Only talking to Ky will unlock you to valuable insights that no academic book can tell.


Khoa Le

Khoa is our Lead Creative and the workshop's facilitator. No matter how bumpy the session might get, he'll make sure we get where we intended to. Although claiming not to be an alcoholic, don't leave his glass empty.


Dung Nguyen

Please don't mess up with our Senior Creative. She's the one who decides what drink everyone will get and how much each can have. You also need to pass her games to earn a drink. She is the game host & bartender.


Nhu Tong

Nhu is our Content Creator and event coordinator. Call her anytime if you have any trouble registering. We'll make sure her phone is not in silent mode. Usually, she's the last one standing since we need her to book us home.

Our clients

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Finance & Bank



MB Bank →



VP Bank →

VinaCapital →

​VinaSecurity →

Viet Capital Bank

​VFM →

Real Estate & Construction

Hospitality & Leisure

1960 Presidential Club →



Imai Ami →

KJ Jewelry →

Mai Villa Group



Sen Spa

The Ascott


Frissta →

JTI Vietnam

Kido Group

Nestlé Vietnam

Philip Morris Vietnam

Trung Nguyên

Unilever Vietnam

Universal Robina Corporation

Vĩnh Hảo

Wrigley's Vietnam

You can see more of our works in the following link.

Who are the hosts?



If you have any troubles registering, please contact our coordinator, Ms. Nhu. She's friendly.


Our next sharing sessions

  • Hiểu khách hàng tiềm năng   Find your ideal customer
    Multiple Dates
    Thu, Dec 02
    Jodric Studio
    Dec 02, 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM
    Jodric Studio, 92A Trần Quốc Toản, Phường Võ Thị Sáu, Quận 3, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam
    It only takes under 2 hours and hopefully 3 rounds of our Gin & Tonic to get you a broader, more intriguing picture of your ideal customer.