• Vision

    Jodric is founded based on a single principle of creating concrete values for our client through innovations.

    Business philosophy

    Using the power of creativity to create added values for other business and social organizations in sales & marketing activities.
  • A brief history

    Founded in 2003, Jodric started as a creative-driven local agency. The launch of the company was a nature respond to high market demand for high-quality creative service with solid local-insight in Vietnam. The company has grown substantially over the past 11 years serving a wide range of clients from different industries with different group of services & approaches.

    And today

    Jodric still retains itself as a quality-driven strategic development company with strong commitments to concrete results and bespoke solutions for our customers.
The performance of Jodric Group is anchored in excellence of its people. One of our Group’s core values is to foster young talents and stimulate Group’s talents with strong encouragement of creativity, entrepreneurial spirit and leadership.

If you are interested in working with us in any position please send your creative resume to us via: jobs@jodric.com
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