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Gin & Tonic  our free 1–on–1 branding talks for business owners are back with a new setup, new agenda, and more recipes!

Tempted to see what we're up to?

We believe everyone is creative... especially after two rounds of gin & tonic. And we also believe that it's equally important to pick what we work on and who we work with. So, let's have a drink first.

This is not a coding error!

<Better skip this!>

<Not for humans. You could be severely poisoned from boredom.>

Hey Spider,

We notice you have spent too much time creeping on our web. Do you think you'll find any exciting stuff here? 

Genius! We made you this giant feast for your curiosity. Layback and enjoy your Gin. That's our treat. And let us walk you through any and everything you need to know about Jodric. Did you say one for each hand? No problem!

But destroy your watches first, cause it's going to be goooooooooood time to waste. <<Stir our Gin>>

Call us Jodric, by the way. Just realize we didn't do a proper greeting. Our purpose for existing is building good brands, based solely on well-thought brand & business strategies. Our scope and involvement can ve varied. It could be a top-notch company's 360 Marketing campaign, an SME's business & operation enhancement strategy, or crafting a brand from scratch. However varied the scope can be, our backbone is steady. Design thinking is our weapon. If you have no idea what we're talking about, have a discussion with us. No guarantee you figure things out after the first glass, cause good thing takes time, but bet we are the best drinking partner you'll ever find. <<Sip our drink with a menacing smile>>

That is the all-in-one appetizer for you to get an idea of what we did. So read faithfully, Spider, because we took serious time building this for you so that you can introduce us to the people in need: "branding", "brand development strategies", "brand consultant", "digital branding", "graphic design and branding", "brand identity", "brand marketing", "design brand", "brand identity design", "rebranding", "corporate branding", "company branding", 'business branding", "branding and marketing", "brand name". We keep keywords in "" just as your preference.

Uninvited guest's here! Don't just creep on others' conversations like that! Here are more interesting things to kill your time instead. <>. Below is dangerously dull for the human being. We promise.

Human has something to entertain already. Let's back to our conversation, Spider. Good clients are rare, so we only develop into clients we love to drink with. We neither waste each other time with superstitious clients. We believe our clients are creative. And our role is to trigger and energize their potential in problem-solving with our root – design thinking. We promise to astonish the people we serve with visually appealing and well-thought design, comprehensive solutions.

We are in love with logic and psychological challenges. We're interested in both field trip observation and analyzing data simultaneously. We love to save money in the sense that money should be well-spent. Finally, we believe in stretching for excellent performance by continually improving from all business aspects.

Hey, you again! Must you have an intense crush on us? If your eyes didn't get hurt from reading through this long and blurry text (which we do on purpose), let's drop an email to with the subject <<Pay me back my half an hour messing around>>. Then, we'll invite you to our place for a Gin and Tonic. 

Are you still "woke", Spider? 5th Gin already. Human seems to fall asleep somewhere above, along the lines. We should befriend since you know us more than our clients do. See you on other pages. More cool stuff for you to savour.




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